The Encyclopedia of Glycobiology (eGlyc) Project


This page describes the Glycan Encyclopedia project.

The goal of this project is to define the scientific and editorial character of the Encyclopedia of Glycobiology (eGlyc). In brief, the goal of eGlyc is to provide a collection of ~500 word reviews and supporting glycan structures that act as an introduction to Glycan Biology and Chemistry, as well as connecting readers with appropriate electronic resources (for example, Essentials in Glycobiology, PubChem, GlyGen, GlyCosmos, Glyco@Expasy, etc). Thus, the over-arching goal of eGlyc is to disseminate glycoscience knowledge and facilitate glycoscience research.

The About page lists contact information.

The Content page describes information about the content of this encyclopedia.

The Contribute page describes information about guidelines and file format for contributing content to this encyclopedia.


The aim of this project is to submit all reviewed content to the NCBI Bookshelf to make it freely available to the public. Any contributions published will be assigned a PubMed ID.

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